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mobile phone scam

Wizz Kid

I don't have a TT mobile phone. I have recently received the following email that is obviously a scam. Do you suggest that I should report it else ware ?


"We've temporarily locked your access along with its services until you update and save the details related your account. 

This step bind the details of a person with a particular account, limiting its usage for that account only, hence, preventing re-use or fraud of those details over TalkTalk network. 

- Unfortunately we've had to suspend your TalkTalk account as you currently have an overdue balance of £5.27

- Please get in touch immediately to pay this amount. 

- Change your plan and manage your boosts 

Update your Talk Talk Account Now ↣

Remember – Your TalkTalk Mobile bill payment will appear as 'TalkTalk Mobile' on your bank statement, separate to your regular TalkTalk bill 

The TalkTalk Mobile team 

Your payment of £5.27 is due on 24/04/19
Your Direct Debit will be taken on or immediately after this date.
Community Star

Hi @charlieboy99 


Clearly a scam. The link is to a Polish domain website. Report a phishing or spam email 

 Gondola - Offline : No posts or PM's

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Wizz Kid

Hi Gondola,


Thanks for the link. I followed it but had a problem. I use talktalk webmail and the instructions  said to click Show Header under CC. I could not see CC when I opened the offending email. However I succeed by right click on email address, select 'view page source' and then highlight, copy and paste.


Lets hope TT are able to follow up.