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moving my mobile contract to new supplier Cris from talk talk wants to discuss this

First Timer

Hi posted a not very good review on trustpilot and got a reply from Chris who said get in touch and lets discuss it gave a link but for some reason dosent seem to work so need to know how to engge with this person???????????????

Wizz Kid

I wouldn't take any notice of anything you're told in reply to negative reviews on TrustPilot - it is their way of trying to fool readers into thinking they are trying to do something about your concerns.


It became apparent to replies to mine that they hadn't even taken the time to read what my concerns were.


Although you can't reply to their reply on TrustPilot you can go back to your review and add to it. They won't see it but people reading the reviews can - and not get the mistaken impression that TalkTalk will ListenListen. (They'll send you round and round in circles hoping you'll give up)


This reply will probably be removed - but hopefully not before you have been notified of it.


You're wasting your time trying to get any real help here (you'd already waited eleven days) - stick to review sites.