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sim keeps being disconnected after 7 days

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I have a two sims with talktalk, one with a contract phone which ends in August, the other I got for my wife. I am no longer a talktalk broadband customer and have broadband through another provider. The number that keeps disconnecting is out of contract but has not been cancelled by me, talktalk are happily taking payment for it obviously.The phone cannot be at fault as it works, then all I get is within a week of the replacement sim arriving is :- sim not provisioned mm2# which is..... service disconnected by provider.I have had 3 replacement sims in the last three weeks, all of which have worked in the same phone, so it is not at fault, and whenever a new sim arrives it also works in another phone that takes the same type of sim ( full size) .I was led to believe that talktalk broadband and talktalk mobile where seperate entities, but when I made enquiries as to when I could upgrade my current mobile that expires in August I was told that as I was not a talktalk customer I could not have an upgrade.If I am not a talktalk customer, who am I making payments to ?