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sim network unlock pin

Whizz Kid
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i have broke my contract phone so i want to put my talktalk sim card in another phone but it is asking me for sim network unlock pin what is this can you help


Jo waghorn

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However....I had the same problem which still hasn't been resolved.....My phone was unlocked and wouldn't accept a Talktalk sim card without a PIN TO UNLOCK SIM SERVICE PROVIDER. The Talktalk sim card would work in other phones and the the phone that I wanted to use (Samsung J1) would work with other network sim cards from my friends phones? I just couldn't get the Sumsung to accept a Talktalk sim? Talktalk suggested entering 1234 but that didn't work. Talktalk then suggested entering 18210957 which didn't work either.....I've just posted these codes because it help someone else...but sadly it didn't help me...sob,sob......


Benny Hill
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Just get in touch with your previous NETWORK PROVIDER and ask them for an unlock code. If you broke your contract they might ask for a small fee  but sometimes is free, it all depends on how long you had the contract before you broke it....The online phone unlocking codes are just as good but if you're paying may as well pay your previous network provider as it's their codes that you need access to.......Your phone may well work or it may then ask you for a PIN TO UNLOCK SIM SERVICE....and that you get from Talktalk for free


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Hi leejolucy,


Looks as if this has been answered with the above comments, it does sound as if the handset is locked and you will need to contact the old network for the unlocking code.




First Timer
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Yup, you're phone is locked to another network. However, this can be sorted so it can unlocked for use of any other sim card belonging to a different provider.


You can of course ask the provider the phone is locked too, to provide you with an unlock code but this usually costs around the £20 area, and you'll be waiting anywhere from 5-10 working days. There are services on Ebay that will unlock your phone a lot cheaper, and i have used these services twice with positive results both times. If you need links to help unlocking your phone, feel free to PM me.


Hope that helps 🙂


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That sounds like the phone is locked to another network sorry