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vulnerable customer mobile suspended

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TT have suspended my father's (87yo isolating alone) after he went thru his data cap. I have tried to pay the balance online but not possible. I have tried to pay on the phone but as he doesn't have a landline with TT thats not possible. How do I get his phone reinstated?

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I had this exact same situation last week.  My Mother was in hospital and went over her monthly allowance and they suspended her service. There seemed to be nobody to talk to or help out.


Frustrating but I FIXED IT, here's how I did it.....


In the online account website, go to the mobile phone section.


Look for the menu down the right hand side of the page


Pick the option "Make a Payment"


When you click this, it asks if this is for Mobile or Landline.


Select mobile.  It presents a very bare page, no info about what is owed etc, but I put in an amount that I could see she was over ( by looking at the bill) and paid that amount.


An hour later, and by turning the phone off and on, it was up and running again.


Hope this helps 🙂

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thanks I'll try that