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Moving to NOW

What is NOW and how does it work?

NOW is a streaming TV service that puts you in total control. There are four Memberships to suit your viewing habits; including Entertainment, Movies and Sports. There’s no contract when you become a member so you can add and remove memberships on a monthly basis so you’re only paying for the channels that you want at a given time. 


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The following video shows more about the benefits of NOW and how it works:


How do I take out a NOW membership?

There are four NOW Memberships to choose from:

  • NOW Entertainment
  • NOW Cinema
  • NOW Sports
  • Hayu

You can compare the memberships to your existing Boost package in our TV Boost and NOW comparison article.

When you’re ready to take out a NOW Membership, simply log into My Account. You'll then be free to select any of the new TV packages you'd like to add to your account. 


How is NOW different to the way I watched my TV Boost channels?

With NOW you can still access all your favourite channels and shows through your TalkTalk TV box. The main difference is that NOW is a streaming service, so instead of having to search through the TV guide and wait for shows to air in their weekly schedule, you’ll be able to find all shows and episodes straight away on the NOW app. Giving you total flexibility and control over what you watch & when.

The advantage is that NOW is totally flexible, and you’ll still be able to watch live TV and catch up on any shows. For more information, our contact service team are here to help.


How do I access NOW on my TalkTalk TV Box?

You can find NOW on your TalkTalk TV box in the Apps menu. Simply enter your NOW credentials into the App when prompted. Unfortunately NOW is not available to customers with an older recordable box. If you get a message saying your box is not supported or similar, please contact us to talk about upgrading your TalkTalk TV box.


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Everything you need to know about the changes to your service, why it’s happening and what it means for you.


All you need to know about the cost of the NOW Memberships and how you will be billed.

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Compare your existing TV Boost package to NOW to find the membership that’s right for you.