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Bodyguard : BBC One : HD and iPlayer

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Bodyguard : BBC One : HD and iPlayer

Created and written by Jed Mercurio in six episodes of 60 powerful minutes.  Each minute has you guessing. Is David Budd (Richard Madden) bodyguard to children on a train when suspicious activity gets his attention? Is he impacted by the trauma of a former military career in Afghanistan? Does he blame the politicians? How volatile is he? How damaged is he? Is he so protective of life that he'd put his own life on the line?

From the makers of Line of Duty this tale of power politics and survival and coping with the threat of terror from the outside and potential threats from the inside has you concerned right from the opening scene.

Thwarting a terrorist bomber on the train by an equal share of protection and unexpected disobedience, David Budd's role as Specialist Protection Officer has him protecting a power-playing Home Secretary (Keeley Hawes). Maybe he blames her just as much as other war veterans do for their fragmented lifestyles they and he now lead in today's London landscape.  The threat from terrorists and former military grudges gets personal.  You really don't know which way the plot is heading as the protector and protected get up close and personal in shattering scenes.  And can he protect his family life from imploding?  

I thought, when I first saw this trailed, that, as much as I love seeing Keeley Hawes, ever since she was in Ashes to Ashes, it was going to be too 'politically uptight'.  Well it does have the political back-stabbers... but the tense drama, swerves and hooks in each episode will keep you guessing.

Here's a trailer: 


Thanks to BBC and World Productions

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I'm loving this at the moment. One of the best shows of the year so far 🙂 emoticon.thumbsup.title

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RATING: 5.6/10