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Fargo, Series 3, Channel 4

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I thought this was Fargo, Series 3. But it's East Berlin 1988 and a poor soul is accused of murdering his girlfriend. The authorities are always right so denying that he's the person named on the charge sheet is as wrong as admitting to the crime. No way out.

Minnesota 2010 says the caption - “this is a true story” and “at the request of the survivors, the names have been changed. Out of respect for the dead, the rest has been told exactly as it occurred.”  The bleak snow covered landscape not yet steeped in red blood tells you without a doubt this is   F   A   R   G   O.

Ewan McGregor as Ray Stussy

Ewan McGregor leads the cast in two roles as both of the feuding Stussy brothers.  The hapless Ray (above) arranges the theft of an inherited postage stamp from his more successful brother Emmit.  Being FARGO you know the theft will be pathetically bungled.  The start of a no way out escalating spiral of cover-up, mayhem and plots involving more blood and characters at each turn that Police investigator Gloria Burgle has to follow up. I'll be hoping that Gloria will be as compelling as dead-pan Marge Gunderson from the original film or policewoman Petra in Fortitude. 


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