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Keeping Faith : BBC One : 12 July

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Keeping Faith : BBC iPlayer : Ends Monday 7 May


This Bank holiday weekend I've discovered two great treats in one fantastic box set from BBC iPlayer. S4C and BBC One Wales viewers have already seen the treat of the Welsh noir drama that is Keeping Faith. Eve Myles plays the lead. A solicitor struggling to comprehend what's going on when her husband Evan (Bradley Freegard) is a no-show after leaving for work one day. It's an emotional and dark journey into Faith's personal life and linking into a fantastic cast of multi-layered characters with side stories and red-herrings and conspiratorial goings-on.


Stick with the unfolding drama beyond the introduction of fun-loving Faith in episode one and you'll be hooked, just as I am, exploring the secrets, lies and darker personas of the characters.


The dual-language eight-part series was recorded in both Welsh and English and produced by Vox Pictures for BBC Wales. A second series is being commissioned.


The hauntingly beautiful soundtrack by Laurence Love Greed with songs and lyrics by Amy Wadge is the second treat and a perfect match to the crime mystery drama Keeping Faith. Here's a sample of the songs by Amy Wadge on the Keeping Faith EP courtesy of Apple Music.


Thanks to Vox Pictures, S4C, BBC Wales and Cold Coffee Music

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Flippin good.


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Sounds good, must check it out

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Thanks for the recommendation emoticon.winkingface.title I'm nearly finished with this one and I'm enjoying it so far. I especially like the same music that they seem to play through all the episodes.


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Keeping Faith is so good it's now scheduled for BBC One viewers starting on 12 July.  Don't miss.

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