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The Mountain Between Us : TalkTalkTV : Rent or Own

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The Mountain Between Us : TalkTalkTV

After Valentine's Day romancing what do you need to cheer you up on a grey icy winter's day?  The tag line of this movie is "What if your life depended on a stranger".  Yes it's a love story in the freezing icy wilderness, overcoming adversity, cuddling up, bonding and fighting for your lives together. And after the event that brings you together...and you go your separate ways?

An incoming storm forces the cancellation of her flight to New York and talented photojournalist Alex Martin (Kate Winslet) finds herself stuck in Idaho the night before her wedding. Desperate to make it home in time, she hits upon a long shot idea and charters a plane to Denver in the hopes of catching the onward red-eye to New York.


Another stranded passenger, Ben Bass (Idris Elba), a skilled British neurosurgeon due back on the East Coast to perform a critical, life-saving operation, tunes out his own misgivings about the plan and joins her. As Alex and Ben fly ahead of inclement weather in a small Piper two-seater, their pilot (Beau Bridges) suffers a massive stroke, and the small aircraft crashes in the deep snows on top of the Uinta Mountains in northeastern Utah.


With little hope of rescue, the two crash-scarred travellers embark on a terrifying trek across the unforgiving reaches of the vast, rugged terrain, fighting against the elements, animals and time. Under the most extreme circumstances imaginable, they gradually learn to trust one another, and a powerful connection grows between them – one that will reshape the course of their lives.


Here's a trailer:



And yes, Kate Winslet really did go under the ice-cold water on location. Available to buy or rent on TalkTalk TV. View in HD online or on your TalkTalk TV Box.


Thanks to 20th Century Fox and TalkTalk TV


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