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Victoria & Abdul : TalkTalk TV

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I cannot imagine anyone else in the role of Queen Victoria other than the deep emotion stirring Dame Judi Dench. There are many stories about India and the British rule that have been 'forgotten' mainly because of the sorrowful suppression of the Indian people. But this 'forgotten' tale that the British establishment tried to comprehensively suppress at the time has been most wonderfully brought back to life by director Stephen Frears and screenplay writer Lee Hall.

Based on the investigative discoveries by author Shrabani Basu of paintings and journals of the Indian clerk Abdul Karim the tale highlights Queen Victoria overcoming racial and social prejudice and the extreme jealousy of her family and Royal household of the time.

Abdul himself wrote “This is the journal of my life at the court of Queen Victoria from the Golden Jubilee of 1887 to the Diamond Jubilee of 1897. I’ve been but a sojourner in a strange land and among a strange people..." "While I record my life I cannot but call to mind the many honours which have fallen to my lot and all through the great goodness of Her Majesty. I pray to the Almighty for the richest blessings to be showered down on our good Queen Empress.”

Here's a taster:

The stellar cast includes:

Judi Dench     ...     Queen Victoria
Ali Fazal     ...     Abdul Karim
Tim Pigott-Smith     ...     Sir Henry Ponsonby
Eddie Izzard     ...     Bertie, Prince of Wales
Adeel Akhtar     ...     Mohammed
Michael Gambon     ...     Lord Salisbury

Available to buy on TalkTalk TV Store. View in HD online or on your TalkTalk TV Box.

Thanks to Universal Pictures UK

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Queen Victoria's Last Love - The story of Queen Victoria's relationship with her Indian servant Abdul Karim, and how it violated Victorian taboos and stoked royal jealousy, threatening her Diamond Jubilee celebrations. 


Channel 4's documentary by Rob Coldstream is broadcast on Saturday 13 January on Channel 4 at 8pm and is also available On Demand (All 4).  Also on Channel 4+1 and later on Monday 15 January on 4Seven at 3.45am.

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