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A Series of Unfortunate Events - [Netflix]

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It may be the first Netflix Original I've not found very good. It kicks off with excellent photography and winds you into the story. I found the rather abrupt and early breaking of the fourth wall quite dissapointing.


It's technique where a character speaks or narrates directly to you as a viewer but often does more harm than good. This is a prime example of it just not working.


The story is whimsical but the characters are far from believable and almost childlike in simplicity. There is a talking baby, overly dramatic sets, huge variations in the amount of colour used in the scenes. I really found it quite distracting and tiring.


I've given up by episode four simply because it doesn't seem to be recovering from any of its failures. I came at it fresh having never read the books or prose before. You may have more fun if its an old story coming to life for you. What was billed as Netflix stepping into the 'Hitchikers Guide to Galaxy territory, I think it spectacularly fails.


I'd be really interested in anyone liking it? And If so, why :P 

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The genre doesn't appeal to me, but it is based on a series of children's novels, perhaps that explains its childlike quality?  :smileywink:

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So are avatar and marvel etc and I don't find them so off putting. Just not for me I think.
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You think Marvel comics are for kids? Hey-ho.


I really like it, it is quite better than the film starring Jim Carrey. I also have not read the books, but find the breaking of the fourth wall quite natural, as if this is the detectives telling of the story. Maybe they could have got someone with a bit less monotone to his voice than Patrick Warbuton, it's either a monotonus voice or he sounds tired.All other parts I found quite good yes the story is quite out there and farfetched, but the baudelier children are meant to be kind of out there in a conviluted way. I also think it suits better being a series than a film. 


and Marvel defies generation everyone from toddler to pensioner can enjoy them, they have the ability like Disney to put in both a story kids will want to follow and adults will be entertained by.