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Car Share Unscripted : BBC One : 7 May

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Two Car Share specials will be broadcast on BBC One on the Bank Holidays in May, the first at 10pm on Monday 7 May 2018.

The second series of Peter Kay's Car Share ended in May 2017 with Kayleigh declaring her love for John but walking out of his car and his life when he refused to say how he felt.  The lack of a twist bringing the two characters together, at last, surprised and disappointed many viewers who had convinced themselves the show was building up to the perfect romantic finish.

Public pressure led to Peter Kay confirming on Children in Need that there would be a final episode.  So the final, series finale, explaining what happened the next day, after the big argument is almost here and that will be shown on 28 May after a special episode called 'Car Share Unscripted' - half an hour of Peter Kay (John) and Sian Gibson (Kayleigh) basically making the script up and improvising. "It's nothing to do with the 'Car Share' storyline - just us having a laugh" says Peter.

Both new Car Share specials will also be available to watch on BBC iPlayer after transmission.

Here's the trailer:


Thanks to BBC

 Gondola - Taking a little break *
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Well, the off-story banter might not have been as funny as it could have been but the visual jokes were top-notch. I knew we were in for a treat when I saw the Vengabus is comin' down the road and the sight of the Pies of Wigan truck confirmed it.  You should be able to spot some naughty signage and more! 

 Gondola - Taking a little break *