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Detectorists : Series 3 : BBC Four

Community Star

Series 3: BBC Four : Wednesday 22:00Series 3: BBC Four : Wednesday 22:00

Written, directed and starring Mackenzie Crook, Detectorists is back on BBC Four with Series 3, as Andy and Lance return to the Danebury Metal Detecting Club.

Detectorists is an absolute gem of a find in the TV schedules. A tale of two metal detecting buddies searching for treasure or maybe just searching for a purpose to life and love.

At the end of Series 2 Mackenzie Crook’s metal detecting hobbyist, Andy, left with his family to follow dreams of a new life in Botswana teaching and working on real archaeological digs. Toby Jones’s character, Lance, discovered real Anglo-Saxon treasure rather than ring-pulls!

Detectorists : Series 3 : BBC Four - Wednesday 22:00 and on iPlayer shortly after broadcast.


 Gondola - I'm a TVPlus customer *  VICELAND it's a TV channel 
Community Star

It truly is a gem of a programme. And the Unthanks as well, providing additional music for the brilliantly woven in time-warp sequences. If you've not seen the Unthanks in concert then here's them performing the song Magpie.




Thanks to the BBC

 Gondola - I'm a TVPlus customer *  VICELAND it's a TV channel