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Ice Pilots NWT - [Netflix]

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Ice Pilots is a namesake of the 'Ice Road Truckers' reality documentary. It follows the operations of Buffalo Air from the Canadian North West Territories. 


Buffalo Joe is the chairman of the company who's specialty is freight delivery around tiny little ice covered runways across the tips of Canada. It has a lot of ups and downs with its little fleet of aging DC3 and C46 aircraft!


Really one for an aviation geek to sink into it looks at the human side and family mentality of the business. You'll discover a depth and warmth for those struggling to hold the airline together. At times you'll wonder why they bother but the viewing experience is fairly pleasant.


It has a lot of repetitive scenes due to the cutting for US/Canadian TV commercials which can be distracting if you aren't fully focused. However for the seasons available on Netflix just now its fairly light viewing that you can step away from whenver it suits and jump right back in.