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Passengers , a disappointment..?

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I bought " Passengers " today from the TalkTalk TV store & although I was pretty impressed with the overall design of the film & Jenifer Lawrence is always a welcome sight , I was really disappointed in the film. As per usual the film doesn't quite match up with the trailer.....

Community Manager
I've been wanting to watch this but maybe I won't waste my time :( the trailers looked epic. Maybe I'll go with alien :)

Stephen, Community Manager

Community Team

I actually enjoyed this movie..... OK, there were no aliens ripping out of chests, but the actig was solid, the concept was good and when you think about the timescales involved with the travle to another world, it kind of reminded me of the old Robinson Crusoe of mars story from way back.

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Wizz Kid

This movie wasnt about crash, bang, wallop it was about human frailty and the human spirit and as such it was a fantastic watch about a million times better than the much praised but awful Arrival movie!


Dont listen to the critics , if you want some mental stimulation this is for you quite apart from the fact the CGI was top notch - this really was a great movie!


Forget Alien Covenant it was pretty average...if that

This was a way better movie!


Super Duper Contributor

It seems to be a marmite film.  Some people like it and some not.  I don't know if i want to watch it or not.


If you like Alien type films then perhaps "Life" will be more appropriate but again it's a love it or hate it film.