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Peter Kay's Car Share series 2 - BBC1

Community Star

Peter Kay's Car Share series 2Peter Kay's Car Share series 2

John and Kayleigh's commutes, listening to Forever FM, was the unexpected success of Car Share that broke iPlayer records in 2015, had TV ratings averaging 5.86m and won Best Scripted Comedy at the 2016 Baftas.  A slightly varied format so it'll be another surprise. After moving in with her sister, Kayleigh is now traveling on her own to work. But she still manages to speak to John with long and constantly interrupted phone calls. There are long diversions and an arrogant cyclist.

Peter Kay’s Car Share airs on Tuesday 11th April at 9pm on BBC1. The rest of the episodes will be available to watch immediately afterwards on BBC iPlayer. 

 Gondola - I'm a TVPlus customer *
First Timer

Where can i get this video?

Community Star

The DVD release is coming soon. I'll post here as soon as I know a release date.

Straight after Episode 1 of Peter Kay's Car Share, season 2, airs on BBC1 Freeview on Tuesday 11th April at 9pm, all 4 episodes will be immediately available to watch on the BBC iPlayer in the players on your YouView box. The episodes will also go out weekly on Tuesdays on BBC1.

Series 1 is available to rent from TalkTalk TV Store to watch via MoreTV on your YouView box, although the DVD from the BBC store is currently at a cheaper discounted price. And there's a 'teaser' Episode 4 from Series 1 on iPlayer now. Kayleigh's impersonation of Beyoncé is classic!

 Gondola - I'm a TVPlus customer *
Community Star

Already loving the day-dream sequences... first one with a monster truck!


Very naughty of Peter Kay, as co-writer, to show John handling a mobile 'phone whilst 'in control' of a car!  Excuse coming up: production was prior to the latest law changes on 1 March.


For anyone interested in the production, Peter wasn't guilty of any motoring offences. For the interior shots the car's on a low-trailer towed by a production scanner truck and there's a 5 camera rig, inside the car, operated from that mobile studio control vehicle.

Car Share 5 camera rigCar Share 5 camera rig

Kind thanks to Lion Eyes TV, MBI Ltd and


 Gondola - I'm a TVPlus customer *
Community Star

... no more car share! ...and John and Kayleigh only got together in their day-dreams!  No happy endings.  My Wigan Pies are crying!

 Gondola - I'm a TVPlus customer *