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Rellik-BBC_Drama.jpgRELLIK : BBC One

KILLER - RELLIK : BBC One : Mondays 9pm

To know the truth, go back - You were gripped by cult hit The Missing.  You were chilled by snow-bound killings in Fortitude.  You are going to be absorbed into the dark killer thriller that is Rellik.  Scripted by the writers of The Missing and starring Richard Dormer (Fortitude), Rellik, the reverse of Killer is the story in reverse of a serial killer from the moment of capture back in time to the start of his killings. Dormer plays a disfigured detective aided by Elaine (Jodi Balfour) as his quirky sidekick in the search for the killer.

Six hour long episodes will air on BBC One at 9pm, starting September 11, followed by availability of all previously broadcast episodes on BBC iPlayer.

 Gondola - Taking a little break *
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Oh dear!  The writers and the actors gave this 'backwards' timeline credibility. But it failed for me. I do love detective plots but revealing the clues in little story clips back in time I struggled to enjoy.  I haven't been able to relate to the characters and ultimately the clichéd dialogue and the upwards rain was the killer for me.

 Gondola - Taking a little break *