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The Greatest Showman

Community Team



Available to Rent or Own now :


Was not too sure about this one. I didn't think much of Hugh Jackman's singing in Les Mserables, although I'm a fan of the original Movie with Liam Neeson, so that probably put me off.


Anyway, I watched this the other week as I was at a loose end for something to watch, and I'm ashamed to admit it, but I actually enjoyed this movie.  It's got a real 'Feel Good' vibe to it....and preofessor X is no where in sight 🙂


The songs are actually quite catchy, found myself humming one of them the other day.


Take a look at the Trailer.





Rosie Ripley
First Timer

Its advertsied here as "Own or Rent" but I dont get a Rent option.  Really annoying as it was on Sky 1 on Christmas day for free but I missed it!