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The OA

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A young woman returns home after disappearing seven years earlier…


That doesn’t even begin to describe this strange tale of near-death experiences, mad scientists, juvenile delinquents and spiritual hope. Yes, I am being wilfully cryptic! But if you don’t mind an occasionally far-fetched yarn, beautifully filmed with an excellent ensemble cast spanning the generations then you may find yourself taken by this. I watched it greedily over just a couple of days. Be warned, there is strong language and some sexual scenes.

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I also took this in over the holidays, i wasnt overly fussed with it, in fact i found it really frustrating especially the end... But season 2 may "i hope" start to explain some things :)  

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I agree with "frustrating" and the ending was a wee bit left-field to put it mildly. But the story-telling elements werre good and the acting superb, Jason Isaacs bringing a particularly disturbing normality to the villain of the piece.

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I like it!!

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This is my next show to watch. Trailer looks so good.

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What an excellent series and fantastic conclusion. The last 10 minutes really require some close watching to understand the changes in what you see and I'm still not there.

For Alfonso and Homer, there is the woosh of the trees in an empty cafeteria that then becomes a full cafeteria for the final gambit. The final gambit and the transdimensional shift of the shot hitting the right spot and carrying The OA to the next realm. What a brilliant show.
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A wee bit spoiler-ish that, don't you think? There is a feature in the toolbar that you can use if you want to go there in future:


Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 17.45.10.png

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Its probably one of the best shows iv seen , to be honest I'm not sure why , but I found it compelling , the final 10 mins were amazing , if not a little bit frustrating ............