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How to completely turn off TalkTalk Security? It's incompatible with TrackMania game.

First Timer
Since installing TalkTalk Security I haven't been able to run one of my games, Track Mania.

I found out that F-Secure (what TalkTalk security is based on), so disconnected my laptop from the router and tried disabling all the various features of TTSecurity from its settings page. The game still wouldn't run so I decided to kill TTSecurity process by process in task manager and then, without TTSecurity, the game ran fine.

This would be OK but I'm not really comfortable stopping the software process by process (there are about 10 of them, mostly marked F-Secure) in task manager and then restarting once the game is running. I might miss things, end up with things running twice or terminate processes in an order that messed things up. Is there a better way to turn off TalkTalk Security completely (as in so it does not have any processes running). I looked all over the software and have only found options to turn on/off certain features and this does not seem to work, even if done all together.

Thanks for looking. :)
Hi hibernated
I don't use talktalks security software, so this is 'generic' advice, but most firewall/ anti virus/ malware solutions will let you 'label' a program as safe, and thus not interfere with the running of it.
If the track mania program is quite old, it probably uses memory in a way that your security software finds 'suspiscous' and so stops it from running.
Try to look for settings for 'trusted' programs/files in you security software, and add the executable/folder for track mania to this list!
There are a few utilities out there, like the 'free' 'AMD fusion' that can be configured to stop any processes you want at the press of a button, and when you have finished gaming, you just press the button again, and it 'restores' all of your running services you previosly 'turned off' with it.
hope this helps
fred :D
First Timer
Hi fred, cheers for the reply.

I tried the exceptions and disabling the antivirus application control and 'deep guard' which sounds like what you're describing, along with everything else. Only thing that seemed to work, unfortunately, was killing the processes completely.

This fusion thing sounds worth a look though, I'll definitely consider it if no-one knows of a simpler way to just turn the bugger off. Apparently the developers were too cautious to include an off button in their software.
Hi Hibernated
You could of course always uninstall this annoying 'security' and install one of the great 'free' ones like 'Comodo Internet Security', it is smart enough to learn your programs behaviour, and only asks once, unless of course you change something, it has real time memory protection, a firewall and anti virus all built in, I have used it for 2 years now, and I visit some 'iffy' sites and it has never let anything through.
I have it running always on my system, even when 'gaming' and it is faultless, if you want to 'lock down' your connection you just click a button, if you want it off, you just click a button, you can turn of just the firewall, just the AV, or just the real time scanning in memeory, and it even has a 'Sandbox' to run 'iffy' downloaded content to isolate it in case it is dodgy and wants to upset your machine!
As a PC tech I recommend it to all, and you will 'never' beat the price, Check it out. Oh and if F-secure is running 10 processes, it is also a resource hog, like Mcafee, so uninstalling it and trying Comodo will even give you a performance boost :D
First Timer
Perhaps when the licence runs out I will change it. For now though I was really hoping that there was a way to turn it off I had missed... I'll give the fusion thing a look tomorrow I think, annoying there's no simpler way though. :(
Having many smaller processes is good for me, makes better use of multiple cores. It's just a pain to end them all individually. Ho-hum.