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ISP provider horror stories

Whizz Kid


 After accusing TT of mis-selling me a contract in which despite several attempts to provide the advertised speed  and failed miserably they have agreed verbally to allow me to leave with no penalties ( I have asked for this in writing but nothing yet -No surprise there then!!).

So I need a new ISP but reading the reviews there are obviously good and bad but surely they can't be as bad as TT. Any horror stories as to who I should avoid or indeed any recommendations.


Angry Mc

Community Star

Look them up for yourself, there are loads of review sites out there. The majority of providers other than Virgin Media use the same BT Openreach network as TalkTalk, so any technical issues are likely to be inherited with your new provider who will have to sort them out with Openreach in the same way.

Team Player

Plusnet has been great for me but am moving to TT because of price as can’t afford Plusnet (migration on Monday hopefully)


As said though unless you go virgin media most use openreach network so any problems you had will follow you no doubt. 

Community Star

@AngryMc wrote:

Got a message from Ferguson -the TT Minister of Propoganda, to say that my post has been moved, to where I know not but obviously shows once again that criticism  of the TT empire will not be tolerated!!

It has been moved to a general discussion area, rather than the Fibre Broadband section. You have clearly found the topic as you are posting on it.



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