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Is creativity in soccer linked to a creative mind or taught

First Timer

Without sounding conceited and without minimal training in my life I would say I am quite creative in football but also life in general, I play instruments, draw and so on. When I get the ball ill often think of something in the moment perhaps that no one expects, whether it be a skill move a little flick an unexpected pass etc.


I see many other good players but they never have any spark of excitement, they can even be decent, they pass to teammates accurately, defend ok, shoot well etc, but they never do anything exciting an unexpected pass or dribble move.


I wonder if creativity is natural instinct for some. Its not like Ronaldinho and Gilberto Silva would've had much different coaches growing up or training, Ronaldinho must be a more creative person?


Some people I guess as in life play it safe, do the percentages, the correct thing others take a risk, think outside the box?


In my last game for example I would do simple things like run with the ball, then stop dead acting as if I had finished my dribble then soon as defender stop, knock it passed him and run away or similarly get the ball turn to my teammate act as if to pass then totally spin the other way past defender and so on, hardly over creative but still just a bit different.

Even my goal was a sign of creativity, parallel to the goal posts on the goal line, I had a defender just in front covering the cross and saw my teammates marked in the box. For a split second I looked up and saw goalkeeper had left a small gap at his front post. I kicked the ball outside of my boot and it curved past his inside hit the far post and went it. Many people even the ref were in awe at that moment haha no-one expected it at all.


Things like that not everyone does them.