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Community Spring Update

Community Manager - TT Staff


Firstly I wanted to thank all of you for your continued feedback on the community, helping us find bugs and suggesting ideas and features, over the past few weeks we've been working around the clock on some big updates which launched last week, here's an peek at some of the updates. 


Service Status Page

Want to check the status of the TalkTalk service? Check out our latest update to the Service Status Dashboard where you can, at a glance check for any outages which could be impacting your service.

 Service status pageService status page


Real Time Notification

In addition to your notification feed where you can check for updates on your posts, any new badges you've earned or if you've been mentioned in a post you will now receive these via a real time popup notification in the top right hand corner of your browser when using the community, giving you immediate feedback on your actions.


A Real Time NotificationA Real Time Notification


Our Blog

We've launch a new blog to bring together all the updates and information available in the community into a central location where you'll be able to get regular updates about the community and our products team including security experts about how to stay safe online. Why not head over to our blog now and checkout the latest updates. 


Your Ideas

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do here at TalkTalk, which is why we’ve launched Your Ideas Got a suggestion about how we could improve one of our products or the service we provide, why not share it with us? Once you've submitted an idea be sure to share it in the community to get other members liking your ideas.


New Profile Page & Wizard

Your profile is a showcase of all the great content you create or images you share, we've created a new user profile page which puts you and your content front and centre, making it even easier for other members to get to know you and find your posts quicker. You've been telling us that trying to update your profile can be tricky so we've created a new wizard to guide you through the process and in now time you've have your profile complete.




Profile pageProfile page

Profile WizardProfile Wizard



To help show the progress of your profile completion you'll notice a red ring around your avatar, the more complete your profile becomes, the red ring advances around your avatar.


Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 09.44.29.png




We'd love to know what you think of these new features, head over to our Tell us what you think board and share your thoughts. 

About StephenF

Hey everyone, I'm your community manager and resident eco warrior on a mission to end single use plastic and a move away from fossil fuels and not to mention, i'm here to help keep the community ticking over each day.

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Community Star

Re Service Status Page


Below the Service Status Dashboard there's a Need to Speak To Us? and a Chat Now button.

The Chat Now button doesn't work.  This is because the www is missing from the hyperlink.

Clicking the Chat Now button should take you to the Contact Us help page (according to the embedded hyperlink, just the same as clicking the Contact Us link in the page footer) but usually gives a 400 error Bad Request: Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.

But intuitively, shouldn't Chat Now fire up the chat service?

Maybe the text should be: "Got a problem with your service that isn't listed above and want to get in touch, click Contact Us for help in contacting the right team."

Community Manager - TT Staff

@Gondola thanks for the feedback and finding the broken link, I've just corrected this along with updated copy. Thanks

Community Star

Hi @StephenF


Massively impressed with the speed of correcting / updating the Community website.


The real-time notifications are working well and I can see this as a great bonus for active topics.


Community Manager - TT Staff

We're really excited about the real-time notifications, we thought our members would love this feature so it's great to hear you like them 🙂 

Popular Poster

I like the profile wizard


First Timer

The call centre is a complet waste of everyones money and if I ran a business like that I would be ashamed of myself

First Timer

Can you tell me why my complaint about a call handler swearing at me has been removed?


Community Team - TT Staff

Hi johnwcuthbert,


Sorry, I don't know what has happened to your first post (I'm trying to find out). If you'd like us to look into this can you please start a thread in the appropriate Support Section and we'll be happy to look into this for you. Can you also please complete your Community Profile so that we can identify you on our systems.