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Windows 10 and missing features.

Whizz Kid

Hi, While I must say I really like Windows 10, I have missed certain of the features that were in earlier Operating Systems. The main featues I miss are the ability to produce both 'collage and panorama' photos. Today after a bit of research I was able to download Windows Photo Gallery which is the program containing those features and here I have enclosed the first output as an example.


P9240001 Collage.jpg

Not applicable

Have you had a look at Microsoft ICE (Image Composition Editor) for panoramic stitching.


Whizz Kid

Thanks for the suggestion; I'll certainly give it once over.

First Timer

Hi, that's a great colourful pic.

I like earlier operating systems too, the thought of losing my Windows 7 Pro was too much to bear. So I added an extra hard drive to make a dual boot with a partition for Windows 10.


It wasn't as difficult as I thought it might be. Now I have a choice on my start screen of both the above OS's. Even though Windows announced they ending services for Windows 7, I am still getting regular updates for it, Kind of strange ain't it

QuadCore (-: