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1 MONTH LATE. When are we going live?

First Timer

Hi TalkTalk,


Our order was placed on the 28th of June for Faster Fiber internet. It is over one month later and our service still isn't live. What's going on?


Our contact with you so far has been loosely the below: 


28th Jun - (Email) Order confirmed

01st July - (Email) TalkTalk suggest call in 3 days re. issue with order

02nd July - (23mins) We call first, issue is order #1 wasmistakenly cancelled, we re-order on call #2

04th July - (39mins) TalkTalk say we didn't re-order, we 're-order' #3

06th July - (16mins) TalkTalk 'possible issue with line', no confirmation

12th July - (12mins) No update 

13th July - (13mins) No update 

17th July - (21mins) No-show for installation, we call and service delayed

20th July - (16mins) No update on new install date 

23rd July - (12mins) TalkTalk confirm service going live in 48hrs 

26th July - (20mins) Service does not go live, no update 

27th July - (43mins) No update 

01st Aug - (25mins) No update

Awaiting another call today 3rd August...


Please can we know when our service is going live?


We need a date from you.




Community Team

Hi Charlotte


I'm really sorry to hear this.


Please can you add your landline number to your Community Profile, we can then look into this further.