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£220 mobile cancellation fee taken in error - still not refunded despite several promises

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After having cancelled my mobile service earlier this year (after the contract had expired), I received a bill notification at the start of this month (March 2016) which had a £220 cancellation fee on it. I was shocked by this as I had already been advised when calling to cancel the service that no cancellation fee would be raised.


So, the same day I got in touch with TalkTalk via the online chat system and was told that the fee had indeed been raised in error and that it would be credited within 48 hours. So I presumed that was that, but logged back into my account a week later to double check. However, the fee had still not been credited, so once again I went on the online chat systrem and was told that a credit request had been made but not approved. Once again, I was promised that it would be credited withith 48 hours. So I waited a few days again but when I tried to go online and check it, the 'my account' system was down.


Fast forward to Thursday 16th March and I received a text alert from my bank notifying me that an amount of £220 had been debited from my acocunt and as a result, I was now into an anauthorised overdraft. I immediately called TT and spoke to somebody, and was eventually put through to a manager who assured me that the funds would be back in my account within two working days, which would mean Monday 20th at the latest. I still wasn't happy about this because as I would be charge unauthorised overdraft fees by my bank, as well as having my credit record negatively affected. He told me that TT would refund the fees after the refunnd had been received by me.


So Monday 20th came around and I had still not received the refund. So once again, I called in and spoke to another manager, only to be told that I had been misinformed by the previous manager, and that refunds take up to 7 working days to be processed. At this point I was furious, but was advised that there was simply nothing else she could do.


 As of today (Tuesday 28th March) I have STILL not received the refund. I have just got off the phone with another manager who has basically fobbed me off and told me that there's nothing he can do besides escalate the issue to 'higher management' who will get back to me within 5 working days.


I am absolutely furious at this point - this billing error has caused me MAJOR problems financially, not to mention all of the stress caused as a result. I have missed bill payments due to literally not having any funds available, my bank charges £5 per day for unauthorised overdrafts, I've had to borrow cash from friends in order to feed my child etc. I could go on but quite simply I want my money back and I want it now. 


I want a response and a date provided for the refund. In the meantime I plan to refer this case to the appropriate authorities as well as seek legal advice.




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I have also wrongly received a bill and for cancelation but I can't deal with it by phone because they want a mobile number which no longer exists, this is a scam by talk talk.


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Brilliant. Thanks for the prompt reply though.


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The TT OCEs do not deal with mobile billing unluckily for you.

You will have to call them.....