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AirPlay problem with Huawei HG532 router

Team Player
Hi there. I'm thinking my TalkTalk Huawei HG532 router may not be up to streaming with Apple Airplay / Apple TV 2? Seen a similar thread on this topic, so perhaps there is an issue.

Appreciate any help please, as Father Christmas's kind Apple TV2 isn't being utilised.

My neighbour is with TalkTalk and also has the same router, and has no problems with his Airplay/Apple Tv2. He has confirmed he has v2.02 firmware, whereas mine is v1.07.

Look forward to your help guys.

Happy New Year Smiley Happy
TalkTalk Team
Hi taylord01,

Could you explain exactly what happens when you try to stream Apple Airplay / Apple TV 2

How long have you had the HG532?

TalkTalk Team