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Broadband Problems

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I recently went to stay my parents, as per my last message, and I'm genuinly furious that they have been paying for over TEN years for this service. The internet cuts out at least every single day from minutes to hours, and is very rarely running at the speeds payed for.


The internet icon gets the yellow triangle icon and upon running diagnostics these two problems mainly turn up:


1. Your DNS derver is not responding.

2. the connection between your access point router or cable modem and the internet is broken.

--your broadband modem is experiencing connectivity issues.


The first one I solved by inputting a manual DNS but the second one I have no idea.


When I call the tech support I get the usual two hours of 'testing' to no avail, then right at the end of the call a problem is evidenlty found and solved with my outside line... and it is for maybe three days. The talktalk tech support fellow told me that the new router sent to me after constant complaining shouldnt even have been sent because its an older version.


The only reason my parents keep this provider is because of the cheap international calling boost but enough is enough. This problem needs to be fixed asap or we will cancel, im not wasting my time with tech support and as the forums appear to be more helpfull I look forward to a response.


Kind Regards



Support Team
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Hi orasul 


I'm really sorry to hear this.


Please can you update your Community profile to include your name, telephone number and alternative contact number, we can then look into this further (Please do not post this information on this thread)


Please bump this thread to confirm once your Community profile has been updated.






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Hi orasul, sorry your parents are having problems . Please check that their details are correct in their/your community profile the phone number is used to identify the account .
You mention a new/old router is this currently in use, and what model is it please?
Have you tried rebooting or even resetting the router?