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Can I get out of my contract with no cost to me ?

Conversation Starter

I have documented my problem with no service at all from Fibre installation. I see others with the same or similar problems are getting nowhere either.

   The letter that came with my pack to tell me when my Fibre would be installed etc has a heading "Fibre Optic Service", in that it says :-


     "If we estimate that you will not attain the minimum speed stated in relation to the Fibre Optic broadband service or the engineer who installs the Fibre Optic Service cannot attain that minimum speed when he visits the Premises then we will not be able to provide the Fibre Optic Service to you"

     "Full details are given in clause 4 of the Conditions"


     The web address for the conditions ( has not worked for me, showing "The page you are trying to access was not found. Please check your URL for typos and try again."


     I have had no success in trying to find these Conditions in the TalkTalk website.


     Admittedly I don't think they have told me what the minimum speed I am likely to get is. But getting zero must surely be under it.



     As to my not being able to connect, My Account - Service Centre -  shows my Router is not connected to the Internet, when it is, that my TV is ok, which without an Internet connection how can it be, and it shows i have no faults outstanding, when I have an engineer booked to come out to see me, booked on 23rd dec c 23:35. And if other's have seen my other post, the fault they said was fixed on the 17th Dec, was still showing as  fault on 23rd Dec



Insightful One

In order to leave the contract just call and follow the thinging of leaving options.(forum cant do this). Snice you are having major problems you need to push them to cancel with no charge.



Shame it not working out.

Conversation Starter


     Yes, it would be a shame, and I expect a massive inconvenience. I have had several trouble free years with TalkTalk before I tried to change to Fibre. I did have a hickup without looking at my records cant be sure of, but iirc that took many phone calls and two engineer's visits over three weeks to find a bad contact in the local green box, that incidentally took the second engineer 10 minutes to diagnose and fix.

     I just hope the engineer on 10th Jan can fix my problem


     I do see, TalkTalk have billed me full the monthly fee, and yet all I have is telephone


Joe Black

Conversation Starter


I had the Email that comes to ask if an answer was accepted.  I am haveing problems with the mobile connection I am useing and can hardly get to these forums so I replied to that email and now copy it to here :-


"I cant seem to get onto the forums, I've spent 25mb trying to do so on a "pay as you go" mobile connection.
But consider this, I had the hardware for Fibre installed and should have "gone live" 10th Dec. its now 1st Jan, and as far as i know the best date for an engineer to vist me is 10th Jan. That engineer seems to be the same as the one that visited me 17th Dec . looked at my setup and without doing anything else told me the fault was in the exchange, that it would be fixed in 72 hours, that I would get 12 hourly updates as to progress. None of which happend, yet on 23rd Dec TalkTalk changed the status in my Service Centre page to "Fixed" on 17th !!!
 I am very tired of haveing to deal with TalkTalk. They have me going in never ending circles while charging me, while its costing me to talk to them on another internet connection. And by phone the operator insists on going through the "Check's". I have done that 6+ times now, of course every time they run out of options and will report my fault (or something like that). I lost count on how many hours I have spent on this after 9 hours.
Now, take a guess as to if I am satisfied with TalkTalk, if I have an Acceptable solution."
Community Team

Hi JoeBlack


Thanks for your post. 


Best way forward in this case would be to raise a complaint and pass it to our CEO's office, this way they can contact you when updates are available. 


I will raise this today and they will contact you within the next 5 days.


Apologies for the problems you are having. 





Conversation Starter

Thank you then Arne


I have incidently today added to my thread "My Fibre has had no connectivity since day one.". But I seem to have to await the CEO's office.



Conversation Starter

My problem is resolved as I stated in my other thread of "My Fibre has had no connectivity since day one"