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Cancelling Tiscali

Popular Poster
Another topic I sent an email on last week!

Following my switchover to TalkTalk from Tiscali, I had to ring up Tiscali and cancel as my account with them was still open after live date of 9/11. I didn't want to incur further charges from them.

I have received a letter from them confirming cancellation of their service saying if I switched to another provider using a MAC code, then nothing further will happen, but if I just cancelled, broadband will be removed from my line on 25/11.

I never got a MAC code from them, so I am a little worried I may lose service tomorrow. Is it possible Tiscali can do something - eg am I running on a Tiscali line at the moment and when they remove it connectivity will go.

Or am I worrying unnecessarily?

Many thanks
Hi lostprophet,

If you are now with TalkTalk for your broadband Tiscli should close your billing account down, as they are no longer supplying you with service. This would not affect your broadband with TalkTalk. I can confirm that you are live with TalkTalk once I have the details sent via PM (in regards your other thread). You can also confirm you are using TlakTLka if you have begun to use the username and password TalkTalk supplied in your welcome pack. This is to connect to the TT BB signal and if you are using the TT detials then Tiscali are no longer providing your BB.

The closure of the billing account should have been completed on the day your service went live with TalkTalk. When placing the order with TalkTalk this is sent to BT Open Reach, who forward it to your old supplier. On the day of transfer this order instructs the BT OR Engineer to make changes in the exchange and your old ISP to close the billing account.

If this has not been sucessfully received by Tiscali they may continue to bill. I have seen an increased number of cases like this on the forum. If you provide Tiscali with your welcome pack form TalkTalk they will refund any over charges.

If you are still connected to Tiscali BB, then any actiosn they take may result in the loss of service. as per the letter if you have migrated to TalkTlak then nothign will happen, but you may need ot call them for a refund of any overcharges. If you are still with Tiscali the service will be disconnected.


Popular Poster
I am using the TT user name and password and happily sending emails via TT, so sounds like not a problem. In addition, my Tiscali email account is now closed, so all sounds promising.

Thanks for your help.
Popular Poster
My BB is still working today, so looks like all is as per first para of Mark's reply above.

Just wait until next bill is due to see if they are still charging me......
No problem lostprophet,

As advised if you provide Tiscali with substantial proof of the trasnfer to TalkTalk i.e. Welcome Letter or First invoice, they will be able to refund any ovvercharges services they have billed.

If you need any other assistance from TT feel free to give me a shout and I will provde any help I can.