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Cease & Re-provide (latter did not occur)

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We moved house and ordered TalkTalk Faster Fibre the week that we moved in. This order was placed on the 15th March, the Openreach engineer arrived to set this up on the 27th March as scheduled. The day came and he deemed that the line had a fault, one that he personally could not fix and would require a different engineer with that experience to come and fix accordingly. He then got in touch with TalkTalk to arrange a second visit for the line to be fixed and everything to be set up on the 4th April.

Fast forward to the 4th April and a new Openreach engineer fixed the fault in the line, and that the phone line is active. He then also advised that my internet would not be able to go live today as TalkTalk have routed this to the incorrect cabinet (one that is over a mile away) when there is actually one that can be used at the end of my road. The engineer then told me that he will be requesting a "Cease & Re-provide" to ensure that this is set up correctly. This is the last I heard from anyone.


When logging into m TalkTalk account, the status I am shown advises that my order has been cancelled. BUT I have not received any details whatsoever surrounding the provide and cannot get in contact with TalkTalk for any updates (no phone lines or live chat are currently active). The engineer advised that all that needs to be done to complete the set-up is for TalkTalk to re-issue a plan of sorts (can't remember what he called it) and he would flick a switch at the new cabinet and I would be good to go.


This is getting a little frustrating as I ordered my Faster Fibre broadband over a month ago and still do not have service (which is hard when i'm trying to work from home) Please would you be able to point me in the right direction in order to get this resolved as I am currently sitting in Limbo with no information atall.

Thanks for your help!


Support Team
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