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Changing old Tinyworld email password.

First Timer

I am having difficulty changing my old Tinyworld email password, there doesn't seem to be an easy way of doing this.  I have had it since 1998 when Tinyworld first came out, then Tiscali took over, and now it's Talk Talk.  But Talk Talk don't seem to have any way of doing it that I can find.  Help.


Hello Trainshed


Unfortunately there is no method to change the password on the e-mail accounts inherited by TalkTalk from the other companies they took over, unless the e-mail address is listed in your current active list of e-mail addresses when you log on to "My Account".


TalkTalk say that they do not have the information anymore which would allow them to meet Data Protection Act requirements to verify the identity of the person asking for the password to be changed.

First Timer

Thank you, I guess it makes sense - although I'm still devastated.  I can see a lot of work ahead of me.  The TalkTalk 'My Account' doesn't recognise me I'm afraid.  Not to worry it could be worse - I think ...  Many thanks anyway.