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Clueless tech support

First Timer
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Hello. I'm new! I'm Gareth.


Not really been impressed with Talk Talk tech support, the few times I've called them.


Yesterday, my broadband stopped working. So I tried the usual things. Turn off/on, check wiring, changed micro filters, reset router. All before I called.


It took ages for the guy on the phone to get me through security. Kept asking me all the same question in different orders and he'd talk over me when I was giving the answer, like he was reading from a script and he'd only say "Can you repeat that?" When he'd completed his line from the script. He didn't retain ANY information from previous answers. It got really frustrating. 


Then the actual troubleshooting. Same there, autopilot scripting and talking over me until he'd finished reading his lines.


So we went through aaaaalll the usual things to investigate, which I'd already told him I'd done. Like  "please can you look and make sure the wires are all connected properly?" me; "I have".......silence.... "please can you look and make sure the wires are all connected properly?" Me; "but I already have" .....silence.... "Could you go ahead and check please sir"..


And it went like that for all of the things I'd tried. 27 mins on the phone by now...55p per minute. 


Then he ran a check on my line...15 more minutes. I asked him if he could please call me back. But he refused saying he doesn't have the ability to do so. I've been called back before by TalkTalk customer services.  


Then the call actually dropped and he called me back straight away. Which was odd. I'd spent 40 mins on the phone by then. £22.


Spent the rest of the call waiting for the line test to come back. No faults found.


I wish he'd been more proactive and free thinking and not just stubbornly followed a script. Obviously he had no technical experience or abilities otherwise he'd have been able to call on knowledge and make an educated guess and skip routine and investigate the most likely culprit.


He then said absolutely nothing else could be investigated and the only way to resolve it was with an open reach engineer and that in pretty much all but the rarest cases, I'd have to pay £60. With the cost of the call £30 and £60 for engineer, plus £90 for the day off I would have to take because open reach don't work weekends or past 6pm and I don't finish work until 5:30pm. I'd be £180 down if I hadn't investigated it further myself. 


As it happens, for some reason, my router had locked me out. So I had my devices lose their recognition and entered the router password manually, instead of signing in automatically. 


I'm not an internet technician, but with a bit of elimination process and free thinking, I resolved the issue. You'd think an internet support technician would have gotten the answer much quicker than I had, or at least known the answer after eliminating other potential faults. Not just read from a script and tick list.


Don't TalkTalk hire techs with experience? Or even if not, do they train their new techs? It could save us a lot of time and money and it would increase customer satisfaction. 


Sorry for the lengthy rant in my first ever post on the forum!


Support Team
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Hi Tt350Z,


I'm really sorry to hear this.Just to confirm, is your connection still ok since your last post?