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Team Player
I wonder the purpose of your complaint service?

I would assume it was to complain and receive some feedback?

Well when we eventually get through all the checks (and by all i mean ALL), you will find I almost call Talktalk every day.....not that it makes much difference!

I have logged 2 verbal complaints over the phone but have had NO callback from them-even though assured on many occasions to be contacted regarding the complaints. Perhaps I should raise a 3rd about the complaint service....

I am also waiting for a response from a written complaint.

Perhaps you could advise on this?
TalkTalk Team
Hi spittalfarm

Apologies for the poor service you have received.

Depending on the nature of the complaint we aim to resolve issues as soon as possible if the issue is surrounding a technical fault this could take longer as we would need to resolve the fault first before the complaint can be closed.

I can see that you have spoken to our fault management team since your post, if you require any further assistance from us please don’t hesitate post back.

Team Player
Thanks for your reply eventually.

I make reference to a letter sent to Talktalk which I had requested a WRITTEN reply. I have not received any info on this. Is there a note of this on the system? If not I will have to send the same letter again and this time send it special delivery so that there is evidence that it reached Talktalk.

You are correct in that I spoke to the fault manager and he was helpful regarding the fault. However as Im sure your aware there seems a CLEAR divide between the fault department and any complaints as they clearly don't go together.

I have been given no explanations for any of the lapses in communication regarding the complaints foe instance. I was told on many occasions that I would be 'contacted' with a ring back from the complaints department.....still waiting for that one!

I'm utterly exhausted with the failings of Talktalk and I know of many others experiencing similar problems- entire websites are in place to discuss the PROBLEMS with Talktalk..... the saga continues....
I know dealing with TalkTalk can be tortuous at times. One thing I have found is, however tiresome, that you need to repeat at least the gist of precisely what your issue is about. Rather than just saying "I haven't had any response to my complaint." If you see what I mean?

I should probably add a plea to not take this post in the wrong way, you may already have done that many times, in which case I can only apologise. Smiley Happy
Team Player

thanks for reply-completely agree with you!

I guess as you can see from my post I have lost the will to battle ha!

So to be precise-

I was told on many occasions by Talktalk 'customer' service reps that I would receive a phone back regarding my 'many' complaints. They even 'booked a slot' apparently. But not to my surprise, within that slot and since it I have had no phone call regarding any complaints I have lodged


A) were the Talktalk rep's WRONG to issue this information

B) a mistake (One of many) was made and on numerous occasions I have not received the Callback I should have

C) No one on knows and no one at Talktalk appears to really care.....

thanks kindly.

(also thanks again redchiz)
Hi spittalfarm,

I am sorry to hear you have not received a call back as you were advised. Can you please let me know exactly what your complaints relate to?

Em x
Team Player
complaint regards Talktalks poor customer service!

-Try to call Fault management and still get directed to customer services every time.

-Made many complaints and have STILL received no call back about this complaint.

- Written complaints letter and have received no contact regarding this.

- STILL having a dropping connection on broadband along with slow speeds.

- Asked to relay information the the Bt Openreach engineer from Talktalk- this is not my job. I'm the customer who PAYS for someone to do this. There should be a protocol in place to detail any fault information which is then sent to the BT openreach engineer.

This is just a brief summary of my complaint.....
TalkTalk Team
Hi spittalfarm,

would you like me to escalate this to the CEO team for you?