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DSL Blinking. No internet. Month old customer.

First Timer



The internet went down thrice last night, and when I came home from work today it just wasn't working.


I have reset and re-wired my setup many times now, and all that I get is a constant blinking power led, while the dsl light blinks in successions of four.


Help would be appreciated.

First Timer



Talk agents on live chat are unavailable. I keep getting error messages when arranging a callback. 

TalkTalk Team



I'm really sorry for the delay in responding. Please can you update your forum profile to include your telephone number so that we can look into this further. To do this go into "my settings" then "personal information" then add your details.

Please do not post any personal information on the forum.

1. How many telephone extension sockets do you have?
2a. Do you have an NTE5 master socket?
2b. If yes to question 3a, have you tried the test socket?
3. Is your modem/router currently connected to your Master/test socket?
4. Are you experiencing any problems with your phone service?
5. What modem are you using? (Make & Model)?
6. Have you tested with an alternative modem? (Make & Model)
7. Have you tested with a different microfilter?
8. Are you using a telephone extension lead?
9. Are you experiencing the disconnections at any specific time?
10. Are you currently using Wireless?
11. Do you have an Alarms and/or Sky boxes connected to the telephone line?
If you are experiencing poor speeds, could you please run some recent speedtests whilst connected in a wired state to the router.


First Timer
I have connected to the test socket with success. Is this an okay solution as there are three of us who live here?
TalkTalk Team

Hi ,


running from the test socket is fine.


It does show that you have problems somewhere on your internal wiring.