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Errors YVM 104 and TTG 954

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hello, i recently got the youview tv package, and i keep getting these errors. the errors i get are YVM 104, TTG 954 and also i get the error where it says to goto the website to download the update for my router to make it tv ready (my router is the hg533 so the update is not needed).
some days it works fine and other days it doesn't. when its not working i have tried restarting my Internet and also the youview box but they dont fix the issue.
the on demand works fine but its when i press the talktalk button i get the errors, it shows a different error each time i press it. but is always one of the 3 above. i am currently paying extra for the sky boost and at the moment i am wasting money since i cant watch it.
can someone please help ? thanks
p.s i have the fiber optic broadband

Hi SamKendall,


Do you use any Powerline Adapters to connect the YouVIew Box to the router? Have you noticed if you experience any drops in connection? When the issue occurs, could you please check if the YouView Box shows as connected to the internet. To do this go to Settings > Network & Internet.