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Fibre upload speed

First Timer
With the imminent start of the taltalk fibre boost does anyone know why the talktalk fibre is only being offered at 2mb upload. The bt infinity checks shows I should be able to get 9.8mb but talktalk don't appear to be offering this.

Am I missing something or is talktalk missing one of the major advantages of going to fibre. I hope this will be an enhanced boost come February as otherwise I will have to jump back to BT.
Chat Champion
i agree .... why have they crippled their product out the gate ..... ??? ... id pay a bit more via a boost to increase upload speeds ...

Probably just trying put off P2P users who chew up bandwidth .. both up and down.

Cabinet is installed ... and ready to go .. should be lit up by march 31st ! .... so have chance to see the package talktalk launch with in feb. Out of contract as well so switching should be straight forward if i have to .... not that i want to. talk talk have been great for me.
Community Manager

To be honest with you "I dont know" however I would say that its going to cost us a hell of a lot more in terms of backhaul to provide a 10mb up instead of a 2mb up and so the price would reflect this in addition to this i would guess that most people would be happy with a 2mb up especially if they are paying less for it but still getting an upto 40Mb downstream.

Now if you take a close look at BT you will see that they are also offering a 2mb upload and a 10Mb upload one is £30/month the other is £45 "i rest my case"

As I said above I honestly don't know... however in everything we do, we always try to be simple and offer great value so i am not surprised we are not launching two new products. I suspect "and this is only me saying this" however i suspect that at some point in the further we may offer an additional boost to enable a higher upload.

Wizz Kid
you would think with all the services nowadays that rquire better uploads we would see better options popping up.

I mean in my household we have like 5 computers countless smart phones and ipads etc and its a pain we just one person decides they want to upload a video to youtube or pictures to facebook or flickr, or even send a email. not to mention games consoles like xbox and ps3 which host co-op games now too, I dont see an reason for me to upgrade to 40meg down when nothing is likely to serve at that speed a part from P2P/torrents, but a higher upload just makes sense for the technology now.

I would love to see a 10meg up 10 down service come out, it would make the internet nice and smooth in this household atleast lol
First Timer
One of the main reasons I want fibre is for the improved upload speed. I upload GB's of files to flickr and use online backup services like carbonite. I would be happy to pay an additional fee to get the 10 meg service. Sadly if talktalk don't offer it I will just have to return to BT which would be a shame as I have had no issues with talktalk.

Fingers crossed there will be positive news in February.
Chat Champion
... the boost should only be about £5 .. given the difference in BT's retail price between infinity option 1 & 2 .. and that also gets you 'unlimited' downloads !!! .. lets see what they come up with.
First Timer
I am afraid you are missing my point. I all ready have unlimited downloads and have download speed of 15mbps, therefore the jump to 40mb is not really going to make a huge difference to me.

The biggest issue for me is upload speeds for uploading photos and backing up data to backup solutions like carbonite.

I know the vast majority of people maybe glad to just get an improvement in download speeds but it is annoying for talktalk to cripple the product straightaway especially when BT says my line could have 9.8mb upload. I also live in a virgin media cable area so could have 5mb upload with them.

I am just waiting for the talktalk launch and hope there is an advanced boost they haven't advertised yet. If they are still limited then I will sadly leave talktalk and go back to BT.