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HG523a router firmware update?

Conversation Starter

Has anyone noticed a firmware update of this type of router recently?


Mine stopped working last night and needed a hard reset, and ever since then RouterStats Lite has been unable to connect.


I'm not in the habit of checking firmware versions, however I note that now it's v1.14t, whereas a year ago (when I last had cause to note it) it was 1.12t.


Is/was there an upgrade scheduled? In the future it would be nice to let customers know in advance that there may be an interruption to their service...

Bob D
Wizz Kid

Hmmm.....just discovered the same problem, can't be sure it happened with the v1.14t upgrade but Routerstats Lite does seem to have stopped connecting the way it used to! Smiley Sad

TalkTalk Team

Hi ,


There has been an recent release for this router,  they are not meant to disrupt the service, to avoid any potential problems they are generally released after midnight and early mornings so your router should auto reboot  .  


I'm sorry that this may have caused you some undue inconvenience.