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Help please... using a Huawei 523a router as a wireless repeater/range extender?

First Timer

Sorry if this has been covered previously, if it has I can't find it.


I have the Huawei HG533 wireless router all connected up with my fibre broadband.  However, due to its location (which I can't change), with several thick solid walls in my house, I have a couple of rooms where the WiFi signal just won't reach.


I've been using a basic plug-in wireless repeater, but this keeps 'hanging' with speed reducing to almost zero.


I do still have my 'old' Huawei HG523a router.  What I want to do is set this up as a repeater/bridge.  I just can't figure out how to do it & can't seem to find anything in relation to doing this.


Can it be done?  And if so please, please give me step-by-step instructions.


Many thanks in eager anticipation....

Wise Owl

The following link is to an item courtesy of Fred Sheehan which should address your needs.


Fred is a moderator on this forum who has posted consistent high quality advice.

First Timer

Thanks ever so much.  The guide itself was simple...  However, it was trial and error with the 523a as there are just so many settings on it.  Think i've got there in the end using method 2.


Thanks again.

Community Team

Hi t5pilot,


Thanks for keeping us updated and let us know if you need any assistance :smileyhappy: