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High Ping and unstable internet connection

Problem Solver

High Ping and unstable internet connection


this is not my first post regarding this..

this is my 4th post within 3 weeks? (or is it 2 weeks), anyway...


i am getting high ping at random hours of the day and most of the time its just me on the internet and i aint doing much just browsing.


thease high ping is a big conern when i use voip and online games. and its not just the ping most times my internet speeds are as if i was on a 56k modem.


i dont think ill stay with talktalk for long with out an explaination as to why i am suffering (and here is me thinking to my self.... <---- "internet is unstable, slow.. and were in 2016 and the uploads speed takes the **** on Fibre!!!")



note: last time the ping was in its 1000 range.*





you are seriously forcing me to go to BT. excellent upload speeds!

Monthly costs: £37.49
Unlimited Infinity 1 £10
Monthly line rental £18.99
Unlimited Anytime Calls £8.50


PANASONIC DMR-HWT130EB Freeview+ HD Recorder - 500 GB £155

and thats me sorted!



i dont want to leave you guys but i am being forced to... to be honest every post i have made i have accepted as a solution as it started working fine but now i need answers.



now term.pngnowp.pngnow .png


Problem Solver

as you can see its all looking good now



but the issue will arrise again and again and random times 3am / 12pm / 5pm / 6am (as an example).


i would still like to know why am i still having a dodgy connection? there has to be a fault/issue somewhere.









i have submited my speed test here also: (once at the time of this post and one just now).

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Techn1976,


Please can you update your forum profile to include your telephone number so that we can look into this further. To do this go into "my settings" then "personal information" then add your details.

Please do not post any personal information on the forum.




Problem Solver






PING : 64 data bytes

--- ping statistics ---
4 packets transmitted, 4 packets received, 0% packet loss,round-trip min/avg/max = 7/7/7 ms



but its bound to give me a hard time sooner or later





just got this working... this should be fun! 🙂


 Edit: 9/8/2016 23:29pm just edited this graph to a new one

My Broadband Ping - MyTalkTalk

Problem Solver

as you can see by the graph it is happening again (please note the graph time is 1 hour behind);




more SS taken:






i mean look at this beauty










now to be honest if my latency & jitter was low i would be happy to get 10MB of internet instead of 30+ that i am currrently getting.. with a higher upload speed (without me forking out £10 as bt and are offfering a higher upload speed).



 btw the mdev is jitter from my terminal ScreenShot


Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Techn1976,


I've completed a line test which hasn't detected a fault and the line is currently in sync at 40mb, however I can see a few re-connections on the line.


Are you experiencing any issues with the voice service such as noise on the line?


Were all the pings and trace routes completed in a wired or wireless state? Are you using the HG633 router?


When you experience this issue do you have any other applications running at the same time?




Problem Solver

I am marking this as accepted for now as i need to looking into this further..




embarrassingly it mainly happens when i turn my laptop on most of the time...


it may be a kernal regression bug.... i will be recomping to a new kernal (on my linux).


i will post an update. i think i have found the fault.


sorry for the drama i have caused.




*****Thank you for calling me to resolve this 🙂

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Techn1976


Thanks for your reply.


Please let us know if you do experience any further issues.



Problem Solver

you thank you guys...



just for info...


from this graph...





this is the part (where... i had no devices connected at all (wifi turned off)... this was the worst time of my life... NO INTERNET lol





After 2pm on the graph (actually 3pm as the graph is 1 hour behind)... all the yellow is when i turn on wifi on and connect all my devices.


i need to look into this more within the house... and do more tests... as the connection from outside to the router is fine.








just wondering if reducing my download speed will improve the latency, when my devices connect to the internet?


I dont think this will make a difference, but i was just wondering as from past experiece on the large package i didnt get this issue compared to me now being on a capped reduced (package) connection... im no expert in this but the way i am being capped (qos setting or what ever) is that causing the issue?