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How long is my contract?

First Timer
where can i find the date my contract ends with talk talk???

have checked through all of my account online and cannot see anything anywhere.

would appreciate help on this matter
First Timer
No i am at a friends house and i dont use 0870 numbers on my friends phone
Super Duper Contributor
Sorry for butting in. Sweetangel after musing over your post from before, if you work for TT why are you questioning the poor service.

You may well be geniune and if you are I apologise but would a TT person not have connections to be able to renew their contract and not have to come of here and complain about the service.

Dont know why you have sent PM or what you have asked for but lets hope it isn't personnel details.

Yes I may be over cautious but your posts make me nervous.
Super Duper Contributor
Thats what I am talking about Sweetangel. you claim to work in the Retentions department. Read the post in the below link and then you will see what I mean.

Doesn't quite add up.
First Timer
hi and thanks for butting in. i am new to these forums so any help would be appreciated. is there anything to stop anyone saying they work for talktalk and requesting details by pm? i was uncertain if sweetangel was legit and now i am worried about anyone with a small post count without a tt logo who can claim to work for talktalk.
is there a list of oce's?
thanks again
Unless someone has a username of OCE_xxx and a green background to their name, you shouldn't give any personal info.
There are lots of genuinely helpful people on here but it's always wise to be cautious.
< flagging for an admin to check this out >
Super Duper Contributor
Ok, no probs. It would have been better if you would have said that. What would have happened if you were asked for personnel details by the OCE's. Anyway as I said no probs,I'm sure the OCE's will comment on your status with TT soon enough.
Originally Posted by sunny dave
Unless someone has a username of OCE_xxx and a green background to their name, you shouldn't give any personal info.
There are lots of genuinely helpful people on here but it's always wise to be cautious.

Especially of someone who makes so many basic spelling mistakes in a single post.
TalkTalk Content Team
Hi snotgurgler,

Sorry your thread has gone off track slightly. Your contract end date is 24/09/2010.

For all forum users information - only the OCEs, identifiable by the green background on their names, have authorisation to deal with any customers request on the forums. If any other forum user asks for personal details this should not be provided and the request should be reported to the OCEs immediately. This is regardless of whether the forum user claims they work for TalkTalk or not. Data protection is completed by Private Message between OCEs and customers. This is only completed once as all OCEs then have access to secure account notes to confirm if DPA has been completed or not. I hope this helps to clarify this issue for all forum users.

Em x