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How many devices can I connect in wifi on the Router D-Link DSL-2680

First Timer
Since a few days I have some troubles with my router.
When there are too many devices( more than 7) connected in wifi, I have to disconnect one device to connect another one.
I would like to know if there is a maximum number of devices that I can connect in the same time and if I can increase this number?
Why do you want to connect more than 7 devices wirelessly, are you running a surveillance operation? :D

Seriously, in theory, a broadband router can support up to 255 seperate devices. In reality, it depends on your overall bandwidth. So a bit of simple arithmetic may well help you to find the answer to your question. ;)
First Timer
Yes I thought that and it's for that I don't understand.
For example my iPad usually connected on my router have the message "impossible to connect to the router".
I have to turn off one device and it's ok.
That's happen on any device, not only on my iPad.
Community Star
First Timer
Thanks, but it didn't fixe my problem.
First check your router has the most up to date firmware;

and if that doesn't sort it post again.
First Timer
Thanks, but I'm on Mac and currently there is any tool. Just only for PC users.