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How many devices can I connect in wifi on the Router D-Link DSL-2680

First Timer
Since a few days I have some troubles with my router.
When there are too many devices( more than 7) connected in wifi, I have to disconnect one device to connect another one.
I would like to know if there is a maximum number of devices that I can connect in the same time and if I can increase this number?
Why do you want to connect more than 7 devices wirelessly, are you running a surveillance operation? Smiley Very Happy

Seriously, in theory, a broadband router can support up to 255 seperate devices. In reality, it depends on your overall bandwidth. So a bit of simple arithmetic may well help you to find the answer to your question. Smiley Wink
First Timer
Yes I thought that and it's for that I don't understand.
For example my iPad usually connected on my router have the message "impossible to connect to the router".
I have to turn off one device and it's ok.
That's happen on any device, not only on my iPad.
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First Timer
Thanks, but it didn't fixe my problem.
Community Star
First check your router has the most up to date firmware;

and if that doesn't sort it post again.
First Timer
Thanks, but I'm on Mac and currently there is any tool. Just only for PC users.