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How many email messages can I send at one time on TT?

I am just wondering how many email messages I can send at one time on Talktalk.
TalkTalk Team
Hi imacken,

Just to clarify, do you mean how many recipients can you send an email to at any one time? If yes then the answer is 50.
Wizz Kid
Interesting - Using Incredimail and sending emails through TalkTalk, the maximum I can always send at any one time is 20.
Anything over that amount is rejected and the emails fail to send. Some Forums including Incredimail support suggest this is the fault of the Internet provider.
I haven't tried sending more than 20 via TalkTalk webmail because all my contact addresses are stored in the Incredimail program.
So, to clarify, a question please, am I permitted to send a maximum of 50 emails at one time only if I use TalkTalk web mail? Thank you.
TalkTalk Team

you are allowed so create an email and the maxmimum number of addresses you can add to the "to" field is 50.

There is no limit on how many individual emails you can send in any one session.