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How to set a static ip with Netgear DG834G V2

Chat Champion
I host a vent server so a small group of my friends can talk. But my ip changes, because my parents like to turn the router off at night... and my ip gets re-newed every time it is turned back on. And i have to keep sending everyone the new ip. I know there is a way to set a static ip, but i'm not the smartest when fiddling with my router.

Does anyone know any instructions, or a simple steps to do so?
You can't get a static IP on TT residential service. You need their business service. Persuade your parents to leave the router on. Smiley Wink Smiley Wink
Hi Nubz

TalkTalk don't supply a static Ip however there are ways around using services like DYNDND

Ive never personally done it but sure some people on here may be able to shed some light. Smiley Very Happy
Chat Champion
Thanks for the quick replys, also... can you look at my other thread. It seems to be getting ignored.
as an alternative to dyndns, which I must admit looks like a good service, I can also recommend, which I have used in the past, though not for a few years.
Wizz Kid
As Daniel mentioned try using DynDns, the client is built into your router. So no matter how many times the router gets rebooted your dns will all ways point to your ip.
Team Player
I run a webserver and Joomla from home and have been using dyndns for a few years now and can certainly recommend it.