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IMAP Trash does not sync unless I have webmail open

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I use a Blackberry Q10 with an IMAP connection to Talk Talk using my tiscali account. On my home computer I use Outlook 2007 and notice that when I delete emails they do not show up in Trash. When I log into webmail I do see the deleted items in Trash so it synced well into webmail. Now comes the strange bit. Whilst I have webmail open I suddenly see my Trash folder in Outlook all synced up. I swear I am not smoking.


I experimented a few times on a few different days and it works 100%. When webmail is logged into and open then Outlook trash folders sync fast. As if the logged state of the webmail kicks off something in the background.


How Can I fix it so that my outlook trash syncs without having to periodically log into webmail to kick things off?


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ah forgto to mention, the reason fro this bug doing my head in is that I simply wanted to replicate what POP does, i.e. if I delete an email it goes into trash or deleted folder immediately (not with numerous days delay) so that I can immediately review deletd items and undelete (move) them if required. With my IMAP setup I have to either wait for days for my deleted folder to catch up or open webmail to give it a nudge, otherwise deletions cause emails to go to neverland for a few days until they end up in deleted folder.  when using smartphone/tabs/pcs it can get very annoying.


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thanks for the replies. I already checked the symantics of delete vs trash etc with Outlook clearly fixated on Deleted. Equally, I am aware that a true deletion requires a purge whilst otherwise it is a simpole strikeout which can be seen/filtered out using the View / Imap messages bit.


In the end moving it to trash does happen wehn I conventionally delete in Outlook, it just takes a longtime to sunc in unless i open webmail. Opening webmail acts like a sync signal for all trash/delete folders. Very bizarrere not a bog deal, but clearly does not form a platform methodology when using various clients, e.g. macs/tabs/smartphones/Pcs etc.


Wise Owl
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If you want to put emails in the Trash folder, then move them to the Trash folder rather than use the delete function. If you want emails to be permanently deleted from any folder using the delete function, then set the option for 'Purge items when switching folders while online' in the General tab of the email account settings in Outlook.


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Apologies - made a couple of posts with possible answers - then realised that neither answer fully explained your problem - so deleted the posts.


This post can probably also be ignored.


But part of the problem may be that Outlook uses "Deleted Items" for deleted posts, but webmail uses "Trash". Outlook can be set to empty the "Deleted Items" folder on exit from Outlook, but webmail retains "Trash" for a number of days before deleting.


So there could be some conflict in those areas.


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many thanks. It explains the pros and cons well, but does not explain my strange phenomenom unless I misunderstand it.  Its not a big problem, just wondered why it is so.


Support Team
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Hi pilza, you may find the answers you need on .