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ITV player missing?

I have been on holiday for a week and when I came home I ran the new update before checking my on demand players or anything and now I no longer have ITV player but that new Dave/UKTV player is there.

I spent best part of an hour on the phone to somebody in the Philippines, which was a total waste of time as they just repeatedly asked me the same question.

I have tried updating the channels, checking for software updates etc and that hasn't resolved it.

Anybody have any ideas as to how to resolve this issue?

Hi ant1012,


Could you please confirm if you have an aerial connected to the YouView Box?


To receive the ITV player you must have an aerial connected to the YouView box. ITV need to know what area you are in to show you either the STV or ITV player.

The player uses the DTT aerial connection to determine this and if no aerial is connected then it won’t show the player.