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Idle timeout - default on new routers


I have just received a new D-Link DSL-2680 router preconfigured by TalkTalk. I was puzzled to see a lot of disconnects where the ADSL light was green, but the Internet remained "red".

I have just found the idle timeout was set for 30 minutes!
Now changed to "always on"

If this is a standard configuration by TalkTalk, this will give lots of new customers problems and generate unnecessary support calls.

Can you pick up with the area configuring routers and ask them to change the config to "always on" for new routers.

Hope this helps Smiley Happy

TalkTalk Team
Hi wellera,
Welcome to the forum and thanks for the information
We have always shipped routers configured to connect on demand, it isn't usually an issue as the router will automatically reconnect when it detects that internet access is required again
We do generally ask customers with connection issues to change the setting to always on so that we know, if there are disconnection showing in the connection log, that they are caused by the connection dropping and not timeing out Smiley Happy