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Internet keeps disconnecting

Team Player
My internet keeps disconnecting randomly, its been weeks, and it gets pretty annoying.
I have phoned TalkTalk on Monday about this problem, and they gave me a new D-link DSL 2680 router, which it has been set up properly. Unfortunatly, with this new router, the problem hasn't been resolved.
1. What exchange are you connected to?- Woolwich
2. How many telephone extension sockets do you have?- 2
3a. Do you have an NTE5 master socket? - Yes
3b. If yes to question 3a, have you tried the test socket? - Yes
3c. If yes to question 3b, how long for and did you notice an improvement in your connection? - for a week, no differences
3d. Do you have an iPlate or ADSL faceplate? - Yes
4. Is your modem/router connected to your Master Socket? - Yes
5. Are you experiencing any problems with your phone service? - No
6. What modem are you using? (Make & Model)? - D-link DSL 2680
7. Have you tested with an alternative modem? (Make & Model)- Huawei HG520s
8. Have you tested with a different microfilter? - Yes, no differences
9. Are you using a telephone extension lead? - No
10. What is your modem SNR Margin down and up? - 17.5 / 20
11. What is your bandwidth (Connection or sync speed) down and up? - 5312 / 448
12. What is your attenuation down and up? - 48.5 / 26
13. Are you experiencing the disconnections at any specific time? - No
14. Are you currently using Wireless? - No
15. Do you have an Alarms and/or Sky boxes connected to the telephone line? - No
My router is set always on connection.
I wonder if it would be worth checking again if there is any availability on the exchange for Rawa to be migrated to LLU now?
Rawa:) May I please ask you to confirm in the interim that your router is set to an alkways on connection? If you are unsure these are the instructions for your 2680:
To change the d-link 2680 to always on
open browswer and type in the address bar, then press enter
type "admin" for the username and password and press OK
click on advanced in the left hand side menu
click on OK to the advance user warning
Change the idle time out to number 0 (by default it is set to 30) Click on save setting at the bottom of the screen
Hi Rawa,

Can you confirm if you are still experiencing issues and if changing to always on has improved/resolved the issue?


Team Player
Hi Mark,
Yes, I'am still experiencing the issue, even with my connection is set to always on. I also have noticed when the connection drops, and keep the router on it keeps happening like every an hour or so. However, when I reboot the router it keeps longer connected. Additionally, these past few days, my highest speed is 3.78 meg, but before that I got 6 meg. Could it be something wrong with the line?
Thanks regards
Hi Rawa,

can you confirm if you have tested with an alternative modem.


Team Player
Have you tested with an alternative modem? (Make & Model)- Huawei HG520s. It was written above;). Anyway, same problem occurs.
Team Player
I have good news. The internet has been stable for 3 days now, no disconnection. However, my max speed is now 3.78meg, before it was 6meg. Any ideas?
HI Rawa,

glad to see this has stabilised.

let us know if you do have any other issues while you monitor this.