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Internet slow

Conversation Starter
Conversation Starter
I had my broadband fitted a week ago and tv yesterday and my internet was optimised at 11mb by the bright sparks engineer but still only getting 4.2mb. Not very happy at all. Only 0.5 miles from exchange and should have good speeds. I have a new bt box fitted only 3 weeks ago by BT due to underground fault outside my house. They fixed fault and give me a new box. So all new, router, filters, box. Was on hold to an engineer today at 15.55 was cut off typical. I came from AOL which I had slow speeds and trouble for 12 years thinking talktalk even though is part of AOHELL would be better but its not. Please can you help.

details removed for security.

Line attenuation (dB):
Up: 21.3
Down: 42.0

SN margin (dB):
Up: 15.1
Down: 13.3

ADSL line speed (kbps):
Up: 880
Down: 5033

Wayne Spendlove
Conversation Starter
I think that where I was with Aol they left it at the exchange which is Purfleet exchange. But I think they never switched it to talktalk server.